Multitalented Artist is Pushing Boundaries and Challenging Mindsets

Dakotah Aiyanna is a multidimensional artist immersed in various forms of art including portraits, commissions, murals, conceptual art and digital illustrations. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dakotah received her first mural gig in January and her journey began.

Guided by spirituality, love for Black people and visions of her art sent through dreams, Dakotah has let passion and purpose lead her way.

“When I have dreams about these pieces, they come to me in different segments. I’ll see different elements of the painting and then I might have a dream of the finished piece and it's something that’s mine. In my dream, I’m looking at it like, how in the world did I paint this?” Dakotah said.

Dakotah always knew she had a unique eye but as others began recognizing her talent, she felt her aspirations were confirmed.

At a photoshoot in Winston Salem, North Carolina, a woman saw Dakotah’s work. Staring at the art in amazement, the woman said, “This is so powerful.”

Dakotah likes to discuss her art with others without conveying that she is the artist, to have more authentic and raw conversations. She began talking to the woman without telling her who she was. The woman recognized all of the spiritual meanings embedded in Dakotah’s art, from a mouse hanging from a vine and mushrooms growing out of a person’s arm. Dakotah eventually told the woman who she was and she was stunned.

“You are gifted. I am getting chills. I don’t know how long you plan on doing art but if you ever neede