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Boundless Blackness Founder & CEO

Soniyah Robinson

Soniyah Robinson is a writer, speaker and creator, currently studying social justice at Elon University with a focus on equity and human rights. She works as the Social Justice Lead Coordinator at the Center for Design Thinking at Elon University. In her role she helps tackle issues involving equity and justice through a combination of design thinking tools and techniques. 

Soniyah's passion for activism and respect and love for Black culture inspired her to create Boundless Blackness. Through storytelling and community work, Soniyah hopes to expand the narrow-minded view of Black identities and uplift the limitless and unmatched impact of Black culture. 

Boundless Blackness is a Black-owned brand and community movement built to explore authentic, multifaceted Black stories and promote the limitless impact of Black culture.


Stereotypical, biased and inaccurate portrayals of Black lives are oppressive tools used to justify racist policies and systems. Our brand portrays Black lives holistically and accurately in a time when Black stories are being silenced and Black identities are misrepresented. 

Our authentic stories and the multidimensional identities inside Blackness are our strength. We emphasize our unbounded potential through our joy and struggles.


We are limitless. 

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