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Pushing Economic Freedom for Black Americans

Governor Brown lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is surrounded by a food desert. On his street, there isn’t a local grocery store for six miles that his community members can easily access. Like many Black people in America, Governor’s community suffers from a lack of fresh and healthy food options nearby.

This food scarcity issue, coupled with inspiring words from Breann Robinson, a leader in Governor’s community, sparked an idea in him. Governor began imagining what it would look like if our people prospered economically, owned local grocery stores and reinvested in our communities.

“I feel like the issues that we face politically and socially stem from an economic issue. We don't control industries enough to the point where we can go to politicians and demand that certain things happen in politics,” Governor said.

Governor formed a goal to bring economic wealth and political prosperity back to Black communities to enact social change. This goal led to the formation of his brand and organization: Noble.

Noble is an organization and clothing brand built to invest in low-income and Black residential communities. 85% of the profits made go to fostering assets for Black communities and partnerships with Black businesses. The other 15% of profits go into community projects providing kids growing up in low-income neighborhoods with educational opportunities.

Black people have incredible spending power, with African Americans spending over one trillion dollars each year. Governor wants to break the pattern of the Black dollar exiting our communities quickly and encourages us to use our spending power as a negotiation tool.

Noble also emphasizes the importance of making educated voting decisions. The organization hosted a protest centered around police brutality and registering to vote.

Governor went door to door and in the streets of his community to break the narrative that our vote doesn’t matter and educate people on the major impact one vote has. Through spreading knowledge about political power and how voting affects our daily life, Governor was able to open minds and register people to vote.

“Even the smallest, minute things are being voted on so we have to get out and storm and make our voices heard through our ballot,” Governor said.

Governor fights for our economic and political freedom and encourages us to Bee Noble.

“If bees were to become extinct at this moment, mankind would only be able to survive for four more years on this earth. But bees are often neglected and their role in nature underappreciated. Much like the bee, the Americanized African has contributed to the United States in capacities many are not willing to acknowledge or accept, but our involvement in the development of this nation, this world, has been essential,” Governor said.


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