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Community Leader Modeled Limitless Compassion

A firefighter, marine, health care worker, family man and friend, Shawn Leray Johnson was a selfless soul. His authenticity and hilarity shined throughout every room he entered and touched his community.

Like many Black men, Shawn contributed to his community and country altruistically without recognition. Helping injured civilians on the side of the freeway, saving lives while pulling bodies out of burning cars and comforting patients with his warmth during hospital visits were all things Shawn did passionately.

Shawn fearlessly stayed true to himself and wrapped his family with love daily. Persevering through life’s challenges, Shawn was a natural comic, constantly keeping those around him in laughter while illuminating his bright smile.

The impeccable beauty of Shawn’s soul still shined even as he battled lung cancer.

Statistics show that Black people are more likely than any other racial or ethnic group to develop and die from lung cancer. Although Shawn’s battle with cancer couldn’t be won, the galaxy of his spirit was never broken.

Shawn’s compassion was limitless. He lived his life hoping to leave this world better for people in need. He knew that even small acts lead to change and found ways to give, even when he didn’t have much himself.

Shawn was one of many devoted Black fathers. He instilled in his son strength and charisma. Shawn’s humor, radiance and legacy lives through him.

Shawn lived courageously through his struggles and wore his Blackness boundlessly.


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